What To Expect During Your Consultation

An 'Initial' Consultation takes: 45-60min (adult) and 45min (child)
This time is used to collect information to help us clearly establish what is contributing to you health issues.

  • Our aim is to quickly establish "what are the contributing causes of your condition?" This requires a lot of questioning about how your body works. What you eat and how you sleep are all clues to help us find the underlying cause. We then develop a treatment plan for you to follow that will suit your lifestyle and get you results
  • Naturopathic and medical diagnostics are used to assess your current health status
  • Hereditary factors, past and present lifestyle are taken into account along with physical and emotional conditions
  • Explanations, advice, education, information hand outs, meal suggestions, recipes and recommendations are given


A 'Follow up' Consultation is typically 30 minutes
This involves evaluation of your progress and adjustments to your treatments if necessary.  We encourage as much feedback from you as possible via phone or email between your appointments. There is no charge for this service and we will always get back to you the same day.  More feedback, better results!!

Please call us with any questions or book your consultation below. Orange Clinic of Natural Medicine provides a nationwide service. We will consult with you about your health via phone, skype or email at an agreed scheduled time.


Consultation Fees:

Contact us now on 04 801 7520 or email to book a consultation and learn more about how we can help you restore and improve your health!



Initial Consultation:
$145 (45mins -1 hour)

Follow-Up Consultation:
$65 (per 1/2 hour)

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Child 0-16 yrs

Initial Consultation:
$95 (45mins)

Follow-Up Consultation:
$65 (per 1/2 hour)

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Community services card holder and Students with ID

Initial Consultation:
$115 (45mins -1 hour)
Follow-Up Consultation:
$65 (per 1/2 hour)

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All Clients with acute issues

Come in for a short appointment for acute issues: $85 (for a quick fix)
Some people think that naturopathic, nutritional and herbal treatments are of no use in acute conditions like head colds and coughs, kidney infections etc. This is just not true, herbal and nutritional interventions can be extremely effective BUT (and this is the real issue) they must be used quickly. This means that as soon as you feel yourself coming down with something you must act. Having the correct herbal supplements in the cupboard means that you can stop a cold or infection in its tracks before it takes hold. Contact us now on 04 801 7520

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Phone and Skype consultations

Both the face to face consultations and phone consultations take close to 1 hour, but the phone consultations are divided into two 30 min parts.

The process is as follows:
  1. you book your consultation date and time
  2. we will email you a health profile to complete and return before your phone consultation
  3. your first consultation is 30 minutes, at the end you arrange a time for the second 30 minutes
  4. after the call, our naturopath completes your treatment plan and emails it to you to consider
  5. during the second part of the consultation you go through the treatment plan together to make sure all treatments and suggestions are understood
  6. we courier any treatments you require to you overnight

The cost is $145 your invoice will be emailed to be paid by bank, online internet payment.

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Consultation Bookings

To make an appointment please fill out the form on this page.

You can also make an appointment by calling us on the phone numbers listed below.


Libby Adams ND

Amanda Haskell ND


021 606 844


04 801 7520


04 801 7523




Prior to your visit, please fill out your

Download form for Adult

Download form for Child

Diet & Nutrition

Diet & Nutrition

Some simple dietary suggestions to improve your health and help you feel great. 
We treat the cause, not just the symptoms.
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Mineral Assessment

Mineral Assessment

The Active Elements® online Assessment System provides a simple, quick and non-invasive way to help determine any imbalances you may have.
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